War Room Part 2: A Clear Heart

War Room Part 2: A Clear Heart

Week 2: A Clear Heart
“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” – Luke 23:34

What is a Clear Heart? It is a Forgiving Heart.
Getting hurt is a part of life, but getting hurt by our spouse or those we look up to and respect seems to only deepen the wound. And the more times we are wounded, the more cynical and guarded we can become and forgiveness becomes more and more challenging.

If anyone understands being wounded by the people they love…it is Jesus. They very people he came to die for, were the very ones who beat him, rejected him, and ultimately nailed him to a cross. And he forgave them for what they didn’t know?

They made Jesus their enemy, and could not see who the real enemy was. I would dare to say this is true for all of us…in our marriages, friendships, and other relationships. We hurt one another without realizing how deep the wound goes. And when we hurt one another, we hurt Jesus. Bottom line, we need the same forgiveness that is so important we give others.

One day Jesus was teaching his disciples how to pray, because forgiveness is an act of prayer, and he reminded them always receive God’s forgiveness, and to always forgive others in the same way. So what does forgiveness look like? About 12 years ago, I came across this definition that has stuck with me.

Forgiveness is giving people permission to change.

Forgiveness focuses on the potential of the offender, not their failures. In other words, we leave them to God’s judgement to restore them as He see’s fit…just as He is at work in us.

Yes, some hurts are really deep, much deeper then I understand. But our God is really big and He can help us forgive even the most vile offenders through prayer, just as He did through His son Jesus!

Week 2 Prayer strategy:
Pray the Bible for you and them. Pray that God will help you extend the grace and love you discover reading about what God thinks about you.

As I read this past week, “Praying the Bible means talking to God about what comes to mind as you read the Bible.”
Remember, we are in this together…

~Pastor JT Shaw


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