His Name is Luxon

His name is pronounced luke-son. (Kind of!)

Last Sunday I sent many of you home with a card of a young man from Haiti who with our help could make it through Med School in Haiti. Luxon’s desire is to remain in Haiti following his degree. He is currently serving as translator for the Nazarene Medical Mission in Thiotte, Haiti. My request to you was to go home and pray over supporting his way through med school. And why? Because wouldn’t it be incredibly great to be participants in putting a doctor in the middle of a community in were 20% of the nation lives on only 1% of the income? Maybe God has been leading you to give a one time gift, maybe he has been moving you to give an monthly gift of $10 or $20 over the next 5 years. But however He is leading…follow.
For those of you who missed it…A medical degree from the University runs about $1200 a year in tuition and approx. $800 more for additional expenses. I am currently working with the other Doctors on who were on the trip to help cover this annual cost. What this means in that Luxon’s over all school bill will run only $10,000 for 5 years! Our tuition part – $6000. This is not a decision that has to be made by Sunday, for if I am right, he would start until fall…but he cannot do it without the sponsorship.
As I sat with the team last week, we were stoked with the idea we could make this happen…
So for now…pray about how God would have you give…
Remember, we are in this together…

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